July 2, 2016 ~ JF

“Write 250 words inspired by the color of the walls in the room that you’re in.”

I wake slowly, stretching in a sunbeam. It’s moved since I first dozed off, so I shift. I roll over on my back, so it can warm my belly. You can never have a warm enough belly, really. I peel an eye open. Little motes of dust are swirling in and out of the pleasant cozy streams coming in through my bird watching spot. I sort of want to do something about them, but I’m too comfortable to care enough. Moving takes so much energy. The fire is crackling merrily across the room from my sunny spot. It might be warmer over there. I can’t decide if I want to go and see.

The door opens, letting in a chilly gust of air that makes me curl away from it. I give my companion a dirty look both for leaving and for coming back. The air was cold both times. Why would anyone in their right mind go out there? Unless they were getting food. I guess if I had to venture into the cold for food, it would be worth it. A full belly is at least as good as a warm one. That reminds me. I stretch again and grudgingly get up from my snug little spot. I’d like it better if someone would bring me a snack.

I have a bite to eat then I curl up in front of the fire. Nothing like a toasty nap, next to your best friend. Being petted is nice, too.

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Dedicated nerds, enthusiastic fans, with a passion for writing paranormal fantasy fiction.

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