July 12, 2016 ~ JF

I’m sorry to have flaked on this one guys. I did write something, but it sparked an idea that I can’t let go of for a writing challenge. What I can tell you is the prompt was: Using a random word generator, generate one of every part of speech. Write a story/poem/free write using all seven words. Don’t stop writing until all the words have been used.

The generator yielded: N- Obfuscation V (transitive) – Disproving V (intransitive) – blush Adj. – Changeable
Adv. – bitterly Interjection – Fiddlesticks Preposition – Atop

I wrote about 1500 words from that and I’m caught up in it. I’ve been waiting for some sliver of high fantasy to reveal itself to me for a while now and this random word challenge lifted its skirt just a little. Only flirting at the moment, I’m afraid, but this story wants to get to know me better. I can tell.
It’s called The Rift.

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Dedicated nerds, enthusiastic fans, with a passion for writing paranormal fantasy fiction.

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