July 15, 2016 ~ JF

“Look up the lyrics to your least favorite song. Fine the absolute worst line, then write a story and have one of your characters say that line out loud.”

“I can’t even believe we’re having this discussion. It’s privilege plain and simple.”

“No, I’m just saying…”

“Dude, you don’t get to just say. You don’t have any shared experiences with the protesters. You do not know where they’re coming from and if you pretend you do so you can justify your shitty friends little counter protest, it makes it even worse.”

“C’mon man, we grew up in the same city; I don’t see the problem.”

“Have you ever even been to that part of town? There should me a blind guy in a mask going full ninja to defend the residents.”

“Nerd. It’s not that bad. The police…”

“Are part of the problem down there! Watch the news for chrissakes!”

“I watch the news every night.”

“Yeah. Fox.”

“What’s wrong with Fox?”

“I’ve told you what’s wrong with Fox. It’s a bunch of sexist, white supremacist, religious fundamentalist corporate indoctrination. Read ‘brainwashing’!”

“How the hell did we wind up rooming together again, remind me.”

“Um, your mom and my dad went to law school together. That’s part of that whole privilege thing I’m trying to get you to understand. The whole point of college is to learn something you didn’t freaking know! If you’re just going to be a little Mommy-clone, why are you even here?”

“So liberals like you don’t get to run the country someday. Douche.”

“Lovely. Name calling. Color me surprised.”

“It got your attention though didn’t it? That’s what you don’t understand. You have to get people’s attention.”

“Okay. You’re being a dumbass. Dumbass.”

“Just watch the protest coverage with me tonight. It might change your mind.”

“Or lower my IQ.”

“You’re not willing to consider my perspective?”

“The one that’s about justifying oppression so you and your friends can feel more comfortable? Not really.”

“C’mon, they’re just saying…”

“That they got theirs so other people’s struggles don’t matter?”

“No, that, like, everybody is the same.”

“No they’re saying that if they use those words they don’t have to own up to screwing people over.”

“No, dude seriously. They’re just saying it’s a small…”

“Don’t you fucking dare.”

“It’s a small world, after all.”

“I will cut you.”


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Dedicated nerds, enthusiastic fans, with a passion for writing paranormal fantasy fiction.

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