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On the third day of Fic-mas, you get a little more, Always Darkest Christmas, friends, and some lore …

Author’s Note: This story takes place the week before St. Augustine School’s holiday break, in our novel Always Darkest, and features Mal, Ben, Petra, and Teddy, as well as a freckle-faced kid named Kelly.  Yes, Virginia “Teddy … Hello … Earth to Ted.” When the redhead didn’t even glance up from his coffee, she reached […]


On the second day of Fic-mas, these writers are strange; they give us Krampus and he’s not deranged …

Look, Ma; No Cavities “Maybe just try to embrace it this year, man,” he said, stroking his beard, thoughtfully. “Look, Nick, I appreciate what you’re tryin’ to do here, but c’mon. There’s no universe in which this doesn’t suck. His friend stifled a chuckle. “You had a choice you know.” He frowned, not that anyone […]

Short Fiction

On the first day of Fic-mas, these writers give to thee, a poker game in hell to see …

House Edge “Remember the stakes,” the dealer cautioned when he saw the gleam in the current player’s eyes. “Loser is pranking Heaven. Don’t lose sight of that.” The demon in question just tipped him a wink. “I’ll see that gold, and raise you three,” he grinned. It was a look that said he sensed the […]