National Novel Writing Month


I’m not normally one for pressure or deadlines on creativity, but this year I’m embracing NaNoWriMo, not as a means to write one fifty thousand word novel, but as a motivation to finish Book II, Before the Dawn, our sequel to Always Darkest. We have roughly that many words to go based on our best estimates. I’ve been a bit stalled due to an injury that makes sitting at the computer a bit of a challenge, but hurt or not, Ben and Mal won’t wait forever.

I just needed the right encouragement to get back at the keyboard, saddled up, ready to ride the wild software. So, if you’re thinking of writing, whether it’s for this November challenge or not, I want to offer you some encouragement as well.

Just write. If it’s crap, delete it afterward. Nobody is watching. Write smutty fan fic, write a poem or a pithy little haiku, write about your day and the guy who pissed you off by walking like a drunk turtle in front of you at the market.

It doesn’t matter.

Just do it. Do it until it’s an addiction. Do it until you can’t live without it.

Write until you can’t stop.

Then get up tomorrow, and do it again.

~ J

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Dedicated nerds, enthusiastic fans, with a passion for writing paranormal fantasy fiction.

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