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Demons Run Lit has a lot going on.

Book II, Before the Dawn, is out to beta readers, and so far the feedback is very encouraging! We’re also putting the finishing touches on Volume II of the Twelve Days of Fic-mas, which will be released the day after Thanksgiving (pre-order details will be forthcoming). Jess is featured in an anthology called Person(s) of Interest and will share the release date when she has it from the publisher.

We’re also very excited to launch some new features this Fall.

We plan to spotlight fellow creatives on the first Friday of every month starting in September. Whether you write, engage in the visual arts, make music, create content for Youtube, we want to hear from you. Contact us if you’re interested in a free feature, and stay tune to check out what members of the global creative community are proud to share.

We’ll also be adding a new page to we’re calling Myths and Monsters will appear right around Halloween. Each month it will feature a new topic with stories, research, images, personal accounts, and wild speculations about the things that go bump in the night. If you have a creature you’d like us to feature, let us know in the comments.

We look forward to sharing these new ideas with you! Let us know what you’d like to see. As Shepherd Book once said, “How you get there is the worthier part.”

Near Life Experience

Author’s Note – I don’t know if I’ve ever shared this here. I wrote it a while ago as a little pic prompt microfic in a writers’ group. It popped up in my memories today on Facebook. It’s stirred something up this time around. Something dark. Something that won’t be quiet. I may have to listen to its whispers and see what happens. ~ J

He didn’t even know he was dead. That’s how mundane his life of reporting the horrors and atrocities of the world, of putting them on display for the public, had become. But the souls whose deaths he’d relayed so dispassionately waited. They waited for him to realize that he was just going through the motions. They waited to show him that the horrors he’d become so numb to in the living world were only the beginning.